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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

December 2016 Christmas Party at Walter Reed


After a dozen years, the thrill of working with the wounded and disabled remains among the volunteers of Project Enduring Pride (PEP). For 2016, we gathered at Walter Reed with our friends from New York Fire Department, the “Bravest”, and working with other not for profit groups to spread cheer and good fortune among all who attended the Holiday Party.

Some 64 wounded and disabled and more than 100 family members shared the salute to the holiday season and a meal for all to remember. It was great fun, we were told by a preponderance of attendees.

Once again, PEP joined forces with other Not for Profits such as “Wings for Warriors” to get the WW home for the holidays. It was also our pleasure to listen to the voice of Fire Captain “Elvis” Woody of Charlotte, N.C. interrupt his version of “Elvis Presley” works. This was the 14th consecutive year of putting on the Christmas show.


2016 Christmas Party at Walter Reed
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