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Monday, May 27th, 2024

The Super Bowl with the FDNY

A gathering of New York City firefighters and members of Project Enduring Pride held quite the NFL Super Bowl party at the Mologne House the more than 180 wounded warriors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center on February 6th.   Enduring Pride Super Bowl Party
Led by the award-winning actor Jon Voight, the entertainment for the Super Bowl party went all afternoon at the Mologne House. Impressionist Rich Little impersonated many other entertainers and political figures to the delight of the WW.  Then came the arrival of “Elvis”, played by fire Captain Woody, the talent organizer for the show.     John Voight with Walter Reed Rugby Fan
The New York City Fire Department showed their culinary skills in the kitchen and attended a service line that went on for three hours!!!  We now know why in NYC, restaurant fires can keep the FD on station a lot longer than in general-- the firefighters are in the back checking recipes!!     Cooking Dinner
As a true ambassador, Joe Andruzzi of the New England Patriots gave it his all.  Joe is a 2000 Super Bowl Champion and twice with the Browns.  No one should have a super bowl party without including a few former NFL players!     Joe Andruzzi and Fan
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